VSCO: first results are in

I wrote last month (original post below) about the VSCOcam iOS app. The app comes with free #photoblogging service, so you can now see my tries so far at http://markg.vsco.co/

VSCO doesn’t believe building another social network is the way to go, so there are no followers, favs, likes or any similar feature. Instead there is a curated archive at http://vsco.co/grid Time will tell if that’s successful.

One way or the other, the filters are amazing 🙂

(15/Jul) An exercise in *#VSCO // From Visual Supply Co (+VSCO), renown developers of their VSCO Film Lightroom package of presets and camera profiles, comes the latest in #iphoneography apps: *VSCO Cam is an elegantly designed camera app with presets that make Instagram or Camera+ look like a children’s toy.

The app is free with 9 presets and extra presets packages costing $0.99 although I will probably find myself getting the launch package with 48 presets for 5.99$. Still you can do a lot with the free version, especially if you combine filters.

See much more on the official site http://vsco.co/vscocam

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