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#732 A great destiny is great slavery

Napoleon had the words “To Destiny!” engraved on the wedding ring he gave his wife. Destiny was what he’d always believed in, it was how he justified his boldest, most ambitious ideas. It was also why he overreached time and time again, until his real destiny was divorce, exile, defeat,[…]

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365/365 A fluid, continual process

With accomplishment comes a growing pressure to pretend that we know more than we do. To pretend we already know everything. Scientia infla (knowledge puffs up). That’s the worry and the risk—thinking that we’re set and secure, when in reality understanding and mastery is a fluid, continual process. From “Ego[…]

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Family of Man

I was lucky to visit Family of Man, an astonishing photography exhibition presented initially in 1955 at the MoMA and later permanently placed in Clervaux, Luxembourg. Here are some photos I took during the visit.

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