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#759 Not planned

Successful careers are not planned. They develop when people are prepared for opportunities because they know their strengths, their method of work, and their values. Knowing where one belongs can transform an ordinary person—hardworking and competent but otherwise mediocre—into an outstanding performer. From “Managing Oneself (Harvard Business Review Classics)” by[…]

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#758 Time to start insisting on a long, viable path

Time to get off the social media merry-go-round that goes faster and faster but never gets anywhere. Time to stop hustling and interrupting. Time to stop spamming and pretending you’re welcome. Time to stop making average stuff for average people while hoping you can charge more than a commodity price.[…]

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#757 Joy already available

“[L]earn to notice joy and give it our full attention. [L]earn where to look in order to see and appreciate joy that is already available to us, in moments that we hadn’t noticed before.” From “Joy on Demand: The Art of Discovering the Happiness Within” by Chade-Meng Tan

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