#744 (Fe)Male sexual over-perception bias

One of the aims of error management theory is to explain sexual overperception bias.[5] Sexual overperception occurs when a type I error is committed by an individual. Under this type error, the individual falsely concludes that the member of the opposite sex has a sexual interest in the individual.[5] Males are more likely than females to commit sexual overperception bias, as evidenced by previous research.[5] Findings have found that men overestimate women’s sexual interest while women tend to underestimate men’s interest.[5] This is likely due to the fact that the reproductive costs of sexual underperception are greater for men than the risk of making false positives.[5] Men who perceive themselves as especially high in mate value are especially prone to experiencing this phenomenon. In addition, men who are also more inclined to pursue a short term mating strategy exhibit a more prominent case of sexual overperception bias.[6]:334

From Error management theory (Wikipedia)

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