237/365 Internal dialogue

Dweck recognizes that the internal dialogue you have with yourself greatly impacts how you think about the world around you. If you constantly tell yourself that you should protect yourself in case you fail, or that something would be dead simple if only you had the talent, you know that’s the fixed mindset talking. Dweck says that step one is is to recognize that voice.
Second, Dweck says you must acknowledge that you have a choice. You can read about the benefits of a growth mindset all day long, but until you actually move around in the world in ways that fit with the model, you haven’t changed all that much. She also recommends ‘talking back’ to your fixed mindset voice with your growth mindset voice, to further solidify your new ways of thinking, and rewire some of the circuitry in your brain.

From “Here’s everything you need to develop a ‘growth mindset’
by Chris Bailey

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