170/365 Five tasks

1. Write out a list of five tasks. The tasks can be any size, large or small, but you should be clear in your mind what the definition of ‘finished’ is with regard to each task. For larger tasks and projects you would want to define what your target is for the day, e.g. write 1,000 words of the book, list potential clients for the new initiative, clear backlog to end-July.
2. Do the tasks in order. You don’t have to finish a task – just do some work on it.
3. If you finish a task, cross it off the list.
4. If you work on a task but don’t finish it, cross it off the list and re-enter it at the end of the list.
5. Repeat this process until you have only two tasks left on the list.
6. Add another three tasks and repeat steps 2 to 6.

from Secrets of Productive People: 50 Techniques To Get Things Done: Teach Yourself by Mark Forster

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