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173/365 Happiness is the default

When I was young, I was naturally very unhappy. If nothing good happened, then by default, I was unhappy. Right now, it is the reverse: if nothing bad happens, then by default, I am happy. [..] Happiness is the default state of mind. from “Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path[…]

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171/365 Left empty

Anti-meditation is basically journalling. It’s pouring all your emotions out onto a page so that you are left empty. Emotions are what keep you from getting your best work done. With my emotions out on a page, they are in a safe place, I can keep track of them, and[…]

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170/365 Five tasks

1. Write out a list of five tasks. The tasks can be any size, large or small, but you should be clear in your mind what the definition of ‘finished’ is with regard to each task. For larger tasks and projects you would want to define what your target is[…]

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